How Not to Suck as a Creative Director

How Not to Suck as a Creative Director

I had a great time presenting “Being a Creative Director or How Not to Suck as a Creative Director” to a full house at Geekdom for AIGA’s San Antonio chapter. The group—composed of creatives of all levels—came to hear some of the lessons Eleazar has learned over his 20 year career.

A short list of some of the key insights I shared include:

  • Set creative standards and objectives so everyone understands them.
  • Be approachable, accessible, and eliminate any anxiety.
  • Create a culture of honest engagement.
  • Give people a fair chance, but get rid of the duds.
  • Hire people better than you.
  • Train people to become better than you.
  • Stay out of the way.
  • Understand that everyone is different.

Based on some the input thus far, the presentation was well received. The most important takeaway that I wanted to share with the group was a motto I developed many years ago: “There is never enough time to do things right, but there is always enough time to do things again.”

This motto has followed me from my time in the Air Force in New Mexico to my time in New York and now in Texas. Communicating to a client that a project or initiative may need just a bit more time, will save time and headaches in the long run. Remember, if you rush a print job and have to redo it because of an image error or a typo, nobody wins.

This presentation was actually the information I used for a manuscript for my

first book titled, How to Lead Creative Teams. The book is due in print and electronic formats October 2016.

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